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60ft wedding yurt. Photo courtesy of Cin
Photo courtesy of Cinzia Bruschini
Botanical Marta May Photography

Wedding Yurts

We have two main sizes of large wedding yurts available : our majestic 60ft diameter yurt and a new 35ft diameter yurt. For more intimate weddings of up to 54 guests we have our 26ft yurt.

Unlike other large wedding yurts available, our 60ft wedding yurt really is more like a yurt cathedral. It incorporates stunning architecture, proportional components and a structural elegance whilst still remaining a true yurt. It was also entirely designed and built by ourselves.

The 60ft wedding yurt encloses 2800 square feet with the top of the yurt soaring some 24ft above the ground. At the apex is a 10ft circular window which ensures that the space is graced with as much natural light as possible during the day. It is covered in 100% white cotton canvas which creates a light and airy feel during the day and looks fantastic when the yurt is illuminated at night.

Wedding yurts set up. Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of Cara Green at The Litt

One of the beauties of using a yurt is that it requires relatively little inside in terms of décor. Often with a marquee it is a question of disguising the fact that it’s a marquee, whereas with a yurt it is more a question of enhancing the structure and materials that are already there



Additional yurts or structures can be joined onto any of the four doors of the 60ft yurt, such as our new 20ft x 20ft A frame awning, or our 26ft yurt, providing extra ‘rooms’ which can be used for a variety of purposes such as : Bars, chill out rooms, lounges, or as an entrance hall to the main yurt.

"We have to say the wedding yurt is a spectacular and beautiful space for such an event, it really helped to make our day extra special. We had lots of rain on the run up to and during the wedding and the yurt saw the worst side of the elements on a Welsh hillside. However it held its ground and kept all our nearest and dearest warm and dry into the night. The acoustics were fantastic in the yurt for opera singing waiters and we cannot recommend it more highly for this sort of event. If you want something with the wow factor to make all your friends green with envy then hire the wedding yurt, you'll not find it lacking.

The team that came to construct it were charming and informative about their creation, and their passion for yurt building was powerfully evident. A Mongolian tribe would consider this a temple!"

Zak and Laura

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